Synthetic Biology and Engineering, Volume 2, Issue 1 (March 2024) – 4 articles

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Article Open Access
Analysis of a σ54 Transcription Factor L420P Mutation in Context of Increased Organic Nitrogen Tolerance of Photofermentative Hydrogen Production in Cereibacter sphaeroides Strain 2.4.1 Substrain H2
  • Synthetic Biology and Engineering 2024, 2(1), 10001;
  • Nadine Wappler   Röbbe Wünschiers   Check
     23 Jan 2024

    Photofermentative hydrogen production with non-sulfur purple bacteria like Cereibacter sphaeroides (formerly Rhodobacter sphaeroides...

    Article Open Access
    Bio-Based Production of Uroporphyrin in Escherichia coli
  • Synthetic Biology and Engineering 2024, 2(1), 10002;
  • Bahareh Arab   Adam W. Westbrook   Murray Moo-Young   Yilan Liu   C. Perry Chou   Check
     06 Feb 2024

    Uroporphyrin (UP) is a porphyrin compound with medical applications and a key precursor for heme biosynthesis. However, there is no biosynthetic str...

    Review Open Access
    Development and Perspective of Production of Terpenoids in Yeast
  • Synthetic Biology and Engineering 2024, 2(1), 10003;
  • Yaying Xia   Congna Li   Ruidi Cao   Lu Qin   Shuobo Shi   Check
     13 Feb 2024

    Terpenoids are a large class of secondary metabolites known for their remarkable diverse biological activities, making them widely utilized in the p...

    Review Open Access
    One-pot Multi-enzyme Cascade Synthesis of Bifunctional Compounds from Vegetable Oils
  • Synthetic Biology and Engineering 2024, 2(1), 10004;
  • Xiaoxia Gao   Ran Lu   Yueyue Zhou   Lin Lu   Xiaojun Ji   Check
     21 Feb 2024

    Green and efficient biocatalytic technology has become a complementary or alternative means of organic synthesis. Chemicals with two functional groups...