Synthetic Biology and Engineering, Volume 1, Issue 3 (December 2023) – 5 articles

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Metabolic engineering delivers an environmentally sustainable approach for the production of important compounds essential to pharmaceuticals, fuels, polymers, and various industries by leveraging renewable feedstock. Through a variety of techniques, including the modification or combining of existing metabolic pathways, redirection of metabolic flux, fostering co-cultures, protein engineering, and refining fermentation processes, microorganisms can be systematically reprogrammed to biosynthesize these products. This review provides insights into recent advances in the microbial production of various C5 and C6 chemicals, emphasizing both the accomplishments and challenges encountered.
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Metabolic Engineering of Microorganisms Towards the Biomanufacturing of Non-Natural C5 and C6 Chemicals
  • Synthetic Biology and Engineering 2023, 1(3), 10015;
  • Ashley Tseng   Vanna Nguyen   Yuheng Lin   Check
     31 Oct 2023

    Five-carbon (C5) and six-carbon (C6) chemicals are essential components in the manufacturing of a variety of pharmaceuticals, fuels, polymers, and oth...

    Article Open Access
    Time-efficient and Semi-automated Production and Screening of Proteins
  • Synthetic Biology and Engineering 2023, 1(3), 10016;
  • S. R. Sekar   S. Ilhan   Uwe Jandt   An-Ping Zeng   Check
     18 Dec 2023

    Fast, flexible and non-randomized modification, production and screening of proteins in fully automated system are of high interest in biological rese...

    Article Open Access
    Serine Integrase-based Recombination Enables Direct Plasmid Assembly In Vivo
  • Synthetic Biology and Engineering 2023, 1(3), 10017;
  • Luyao Wang   Yufei Zhang   Wan-Qiu Liu   Fang Ba   Jian Li   Check
     20 Dec 2023

    Serine integrases are emerging as one of the powerful tools for synthetic biology. They have been widely developed across genome engineering, biologic...

    Review Open Access
    Deciphering the Code of Pattern Formation: Integrating In Silico and Wet Lab Approaches in Synthetic Biology
  • Synthetic Biology and Engineering 2023, 1(3), 10018;
  • Anqi Xu   Lizhong Liu   Jian-Dong Huang   Check
     27 Dec 2023

    Pattern formation is a fundamental process in biological development, enabling the transformation of initially uniform or random states into spatially...