Sustainable Polymer & Energy, Volume 1, Issue 2 (September 2023) – 5 articles

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Developing polymer materials from biomass presents a promising solution to address pressing environmental and resource concerns. While a range of biobased general polymer materials have already found success in industrial applications, the quest to unlock highly valuable functional polymers and intelligent materials derived from biomass, such as shape memory polymers (SMPs) and self-healing materials, remains a formidable challenge. This review aims to chart a sustainable course towards the development of SMPs sourced from biobased materials. Extensive research in the realm of SMPs has significantly expanded our understanding of their molecular mechanisms, response to various stimuli, and modes of actuation. As a result, a plethora of intriguing systems have emerged, each holding enormous potential in diverse applications, including actuators, sensors, smart textiles, biomaterials, and space-deploying devices. This review underscores the exciting advancements in the field and paves the way for future innovations in environmentally friendly and resource-efficient polymer materials.
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A High-efficiency Cathode Using Co3O4 and Carbon Paper by Electrodeposition for Rechargeable Lithium-oxygen Batteries
  • Sustainable Polymer & Energy 2023, 1(2), 10007;
  • Jing Chen   Tiedong Liu   Bin Zhang   Yu Min   Hongqiang Wang   Qing-yu Li   Check
     08 May 2023

    The conductivity, microstructure, low cost, eco-friendliness, simple and controllable preparation are key points of the preparation and application of...

    Article Open Access
    Transparent, Hydrolysable and Flame Retarded Bio-based Epoxy Resins via Catalyst-free Polymerization of Triglycidyl Isocyanurate and Aliphatic Diacids
  • Sustainable Polymer & Energy 2023, 1(2), 10008;
  • Tianlong Ma   Donglin Tang   Check
     01 Jun 2023

    In this study, transparent and hydrolysable intrinsic flame retarded epoxy resins were synthesized successfully by melting polymerization without any ...

    Review Open Access
    Creating Shape Memory Polymers from Biobased Resources
  • Sustainable Polymer & Energy 2023, 1(2), 10009;
  • Kun Luo   Zhi-Yuan Xu   Rui Zhan   Ke-Ke Yang   Check
     24 Jul 2023

    Developing polymer materials from biomass is a promising pathway to address serious environmental and resource issues. To date, a series of biobased g...

    Review Open Access
    Green Composites Using Naturally Occurring Fibers: A Comprehensive Review
  • Sustainable Polymer & Energy 2023, 1(2), 10010;
  • Hans Raj   Swikriti Tripathi   Sudeepta Bauri   Avishek Choudhary   Subham Mandal   Pralay Maiti   Check
     15 Aug 2023

    Depletion of non-renewable resources and health hazards of petroleum-based polymers and plastics has enforced the development of eco-friendly material...

    Article Open Access
    Synthesis and Characterization of Cyclic Carbonate End-Functional Linear and Star Polyesters via Ring-Opening Polymerization
  • Sustainable Polymer & Energy 2023, 1(2), 10011;
  • Ravindra Mahadev PATIL   Satyanarayana Ganugapati   Rudhramyna Gnaneshwar   Check
     08 Sep 2023

    Well-defined α-(cyclic carbonate), ω-hydroxyl heterotelechelic poly (D,L-lactide)s (PDLLAs) were prepared with good end-group fidelity by ring-opening...