Aims & Scope

Drones and Autonomous Vehicles is an international open access journal which will carry high quality papers in all fields of autonomous systems, algorithm, automate software, hardware research and applications related to drones and vehicle systems. The journal will contain the software development, structure design, development and applications of autonomous vehicles and systems.

High-level original research articles and timely reviews on theoretical and experimental studies are very welcome. All submitted manuscripts will be subject to a thorough peer-reviewing process.

Areas of particular interests include, but are not limited to:

  • Algorithm and mathematical research related to autonomous systems
  • Software development of autonomous systems
  • Mechanics and control of autonomous vehicles and systems
  • Design of autonomous vehicles and systems
  • Hardware development and material research
  • Applications of autonomous vehicles and systems
  • Policies and management of autonomous vehicles and systems
  • Uncrewed aerial vehicles and systems
  • Uncrewed ground vehicles and systems
  • Uncrewed surface vehicles and systems
  • Uncrewed underwater vehicles and systems