Nature Anthropology, Volume 2, Issue 1 (March 2024) – 5 articles

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Perspective Open Access
An Extremely Long Span of the Sun-Earth Pattern in the History of China
  • Nature Anthropology 2024, 2(1), 10003;
  • Wenli Jin   Huaini Xu   Check
     06 Jul 2023

    Chinese people believe that they are descendants of the prehistory Emperors Yan and Huang, while Yan (hot/red) and Huang (yellow) are the colors of th...

    Letter Open Access
    Have We Been Barking up the Wrong Ancestral Tree? Australopithecines Are Probably Not Our Ancestors
  • Nature Anthropology 2024, 2(1), 10007;
  • Mario Vaneechoutte   Frances Mansfield   Stephen Munro   Marc Verhaegen   Check
     15 Dec 2023

    The dominant paradigm regarding human evolution since the split with Pan considers australopithecines as hominins, i.e., the closest relatives and/or ...

    Perspective Open Access
    The Future of Artificial Intelligence Will Be “Next to Normal”—A Perspective on Future Directions and the Psychology of AI Safety Concerns
  • Nature Anthropology 2024, 2(1), 10001;
  • Yoshija Walter   Check
     05 Jan 2024

    This paper introduces the AI “next to normal”-thesis, suggesting that as Artificial Intelligence becomes more ingrained in our daily lives, it will tr...

    Editorial Open Access
    A Possible Reconstruction of Hominini Phylogeny
  • Nature Anthropology 2024, 2(1), 10002;
  • Hui Li   Check
     17 Jan 2024