Aim and Scope

Nature Anthropology is a transnational journal devoted to researches on humankind, encompassing the full range of anthropological scholarship on human origin and diversification. Communicating across the subfields, the journal features papers in a wide variety of areas, including physical, cultural, and social anthropology as well as human genomics and phenomics, population genetics, ethnology and ethnohistory, archaeology and prehistory, folklore, and linguistics. All articles are expected to provide sufficient data and evidences to support certain solid conclusions.

Articles in the journal are classified as follows: REPORT, REVIEW, OBSERVATION, COMMENTARY, PRESPECTIVE, EDITORIAL. Reports and Reviews are peer reviewed, other contributions will be selected and judged by the editors to go through peer review or editorial review.

Topics covered in the journal include:

  • Molecular Anthropology, including human population genetics, genetic genealogy, human genomics, etc.
  • Physical Anthropology, including human phenomics, anthropometry, human anatomy, human physiology, etc.
  • Linguistic Anthropology, including experimental linguistics, computational linguistics, comparative linguistics, phonetics, analytical philology, etc.
  • Archaeological Anthropology, including archaegenomics, molecular archaeology, radioactive analyses in archaeology, statistic archaeology, etc.
  • Social Anthropology, including social statistics, demology, economic anthropology, human behaviors, computational psychology, etc. 
  • Statistic Ethnology, including cultural statistics, historical anthropology, comparative cultural study, etc.
  • Medical Anthropology, epidemiology, cohort study, comparative study of medicine, etc.
  • Other Interdisciplinary Anthropological Studies.