Hepatic Fibrosis

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 Oct 2023.

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Ralf  Weiskirchen Prof. Ralf Weiskirchen 
Topic Editor
Institute of Molecular Pathobiochemistry, Experimental Gene Therapy and Clinical Chemistry (IFMPEGKC), RWTH University Hospital Aachen, Aachen, 52074, Germany
Interests: Liver Disease; Fibrosis; Biomarker; Cytokines; Chemokines; Translational medicine

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Hepatic fibrosis is the result of a chronic would-healing process that is associated with excessive connective tissue accumulation and portal hypertension. It is further accompanied by progressive architectural tissue remodeling and progressive loss of liver function. Irrespective of the underlying pathogenic cause of liver fibrogenesis, it is initiated by an inflammatory response and a systemic mobilization of endocrine and neurological mediators that stimulate the proliferation and synthetic capacity of different matrix-producing cell populations. The process is further characterized by reactive oxygen species formation, endoplasmic reticulum stress increased intestinal permeability, biochemical alterations of mitochondrial function, and microbiota changes.
In this Topic Collection of Fibrosis, I invite you to contribute original research articles, brief reports systematic reviews, systemic and shorter perspectives, opinions, and expert perspectives on all aspects related to the theme of “Hepatic Fibrosis”. Relevant topics refer to but are not limited to:
•    Cytokines and chemokines
•    Experimental models of hepatic fibrosis
•    Extracellular matrix
•    Hepatic inflammation
•    Fibrosis, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma
•    Steatosis and fatty liver disease (NASH/NAFLD/MAFLD)
•    Alcohol in hepatic disease
•    Hepatitis
•    Microbiota
•    Liver imaging techniques
•    Translational medicine
•    Clinical studies on hepatic therapy

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Article Open Access
Hepatic Lysosomal Enzyme Activity in Primary Biliary Cholangitis
  • Fibrosis 2023, 1(1), 10005; https://doi.org/10.35534/fibrosis.2023.10005
  • Ioannis Tsomidis   Georgios Notas   Argyro Voumvouraki   Dimitrios Samonakis   Mairi Koulentaki   Elias Kouroumalis  
  • Check 16 Sep 2023

    Background: Lysosomal enzymes are implicated in autophagy and senescence. Hepatic lysosomal enzymes have not been studied in Primary Biliary Cholangit...