Aims & Scope

Ecology and Diversity is an international journal that deals with ecological processes, interactions & characteristics and mechanisms across multi-scales and multi-perspectives under the background of diversity. Particularly, it focuses on ecological systems in relation to their biodiversity, environmental & geographic diversity, and social & economic diversity. Manuscripts submitted to Ecology and Diversity generally should include both of the following:

  • substantive diversity-sourced ecological science (especially interdisciplinary research and development, preferably combined with social sciences), and
  • substantive analyses and discussions on the interactions within or among ecological system components and other systems.

Preference is given to manuscripts that address whole-level issues, via integration of conceptual, empirical and dynamic modelling approaches.

The scope includes the development and application of systems analysis methodologies (diagnosis, simulation and mathematical modelling, participatory modelling, multi-criteria assessment, trade-off analysis, participatory design, etc.) in the following areas:

  1. 1) Integrative ecology and the sustainable intensification of diversity as well as transition pathways for sustainable intensification;
  2. 2) Decision-making and resource allocation in diversified ecosystems;
  3. 3) The interactions between natural and social landscapes;
  4. 4) The multiple services provided by ecosystems from structure to function along diversified gradients;
  5. 5) Adaptation and transformation of ecosystems in the era of global change;
  6. 6) Development and application of tools and methods for ecosystem design, assessment and management under the diversified background;
  7. 7) Innovation systems and multi-stakeholder arrangements that support or promote change and/or informs policy decisions;
  8. 8) Big data and the digitalisation of ecosystems and their responses to diversity; and
  9. 9) Use of systems analysis for conservation, restoration, and assessment of biodiversity and ecological impacts.