Regenerative Agriculture: A Pathway to Sustainable Ecological Civilization

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 15 November 2024.

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Lóránt Dénes  Dávid
Dr. Lóránt Dénes Dávid 
Department of Tourism and Hospitality, Faculty of Economics and Business, John von Neumann University, 6000 Kecskemét, Hungary
Interests: Tourism; Hospitality; Geography; Earth Sciences; Economics; Environmentalism; Regional Studies and Sciences; Sustainable Development; Circlular Economy; Bioeconomy; Multi-, Trans- and Interdisciplinary Fields

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Regenerative agriculture has emerged as a pivotal concept in the discourse on ecological civilization, offering a transformative approach to food production that aims to restore ecosystems, enhance biodiversity, and mitigate climate change impacts. This topic explores the principles, practices, and outcomes of regenerative agriculture within the broader context of fostering ecological civilization. Submissions may delve into various aspects, including but not limited to agroecology, soil health restoration, biodiversity conservation, carbon sequestration, community resilience, indigenous knowledge systems, policy frameworks, and socio-economic implications. Studies elucidating the ecological, economic, and social benefits of regenerative agriculture, as well as those addressing challenges and barriers to its implementation, are welcome. Furthermore, interdisciplinary perspectives integrating fields such as ecology, agriculture, sociology, economics, and policy analysis are encouraged to provide holistic insights into the potential of regenerative agriculture as a catalyst for advancing ecological civilization.

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