Aims & Scope

Ecological Civilization, an international, interdisciplinary and open access journal, aims to provide a coherent conceptual framework, guiding thoughts, decision-making criteria and policy implementation in fully achieving comprehensive sustainable development strategies. Ecological Civilization is a new paradigm of civilization based on sustainable development. Ecological Civilization is a social form with the basic purpose of harmonious coexistence, virtuous cycle, comprehensive development and sustainable prosperity between man and nature, man and man, and man and society. Ecological Civilization is a systematic project that runs through the entire process and all aspects of economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, and social construction.

We hope to build a discourse platform based on ecological civilization to bridge extensive and in-depth discussions among relevant disciplines. Ecological Civilization will cover the following research and policy: ecological culture, ecological footprint, sustainable development, ecosystem, biodiversity, green development, climate change, ecological environment, pollution control/reduction, ecological protection, circular economy, low-carbon economy, green finance, law, energy policy, institutional strengthening/innovation, technological innovation, structural adjustment, reform, employment strategy, rural revitalization, public participation, enterprises participation, ecological services/governance, protection and improvement of natural resources, spatial planning and development, structural adjustment, environmental philosophy, environmental economics, environmental governance, monitoring and supervision, organization and implementation, international relations etc., all as related to Ecological Civilization.

We welcome Articles, Comments, Reviews, Perspectives, etc. from across the full range of disciplines concerned with Ecological Civilization and sustainability. All articles must be embedded in a theoretical context relevant to the topic and must make a significant contribution to the scholarly debate in Ecological Civilization.