Ecological Civilization is an international and open access journal that covered all aspects of eco-civilization concerns. We hope to build a discourse platform based on ecological civilization to bridge extensive and in-depth discussions among relevant disciplines, especially environmental philosophy, environmental economics, environmental law and environmental management.

High-level original research articles and timely reviews on the latest research results of global environmental issues including climate change, pollution control, ecological conservation, climate change and energy low-carbon development, are especially welcomed. In particular, we embrace the deep crossover and innovation of relevant disciplines to form an extraordinary ecological civilization methodology. All submitted manuscripts will be subject to a thorough peer-reviewing process.

Areas of particular interest include, but are not limited to:

• Thought and Theoretical Explanation of Ecological Civilization
• Ecological Perspective: A Country Comparative Approach
• Global Environmental Governance Objectives and Country Studies
• Innovation and Development of Ecological Environment Governance
• Methodology of Interdisciplinary Ecological Civilization
• Hot Issues of Ecological Environment
• Energy and Low-carbon Development
• Exploration and Contention