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24 July 2023

Creating Shape Memory Polymers from Biobased Resources

Developing polymer materials from biomass is a promising pathway to address serious environmental and resource issues. To date, a series of biobased general polymer materials have been successfully industrialized. However, exploring highly valuable functional polymers and intelligent polymer materials from biomass, such as shape memory polymers (SMPs) and self-healing materials, is still a great challenge. The present review intends to bridge a sustainable pathway for the creation of SMPs from biobased resources. Thus, we first recall some backgrounds of the design principle of SMPs and highlight the biobased monomers or building blocks for SMPs, and then we focus on the main varieties of biobased SMPs to clarify their fabricating approaches, functionalizing strategies, new manufacturing methods and the application potential.

Keywords: Shape memory polymer; Biobased; Vitrimers; Polyesters; 4D printing