Sustainable Polymer & Energy, Volume 2, Issue 1 (March 2024) – 6 articles

Article Open Access
Metal-Free Lewis Pair Catalysts for a One-Pot Terpolymerization of Propylene Oxide, ʟ-Lactide and CO2
  • Sustainable Polymer & Energy 2023, 1(1), 10002;
  • Shuxian Ye   Jiaxin Liang   Yansong Ren   Shuanjin Wang   Dongmei Han   Sheng Huang   Zhiheng Huang   Min Xiao   Yuezhong Meng   Check
     30 Jan 2023

    Multiblock and di-/tri-block copolymers are successfully synthesized for the first time via the metal-free terpolymerization of propylene oxide (PO), ...

    Review Open Access
    Review on Multi-Functional Separator for Li-S Batteries
  • Sustainable Polymer & Energy 2023, 1(1), 10003;
  • Xin Zhang   Bingyi Ma   Sheng Huang   Dongmei Han   Check
     13 Mar 2023

    Because lithium-ion batteries are not able to meet increasing demand for capacity density and power density, lithium metal batteries are given great e...

    Review Open Access
    Ultra-thin Solid Electrolyte in Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Sustainable Polymer & Energy 2023, 1(1), 10004;
  • Lei Zhong   Zhifeng Li   Shuanjin Wang   Sheng Huang   Check
     15 Mar 2023

    Safety concern of lithium-ion battery, attributed to using volatile and flammable liquid electrolytes, could be addressed by using solid electrolytes....

    Article Open Access
    Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersion Synthesized from CO2 Based Poly (Ethylene Carbonate) Diol with High Performance
  • Sustainable Polymer & Energy 2023, 1(1), 10005;
  • Zhenhong Huang   Zonglin He   Chaozhi Wang   Zhu Ding   Jiaoyan Ai   Lina Song   Baohua Liu   Check
     21 Mar 2023

    CO2-based aliphatic polycarbonates (APCs) are not widely commercialized due to the poor performance and high cost, compared to the traditio...

    Review Open Access
    Recent Progress in Modification and Preparations of the Promising Biodegradable Plastics: Polylactide and Poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate)
  • Sustainable Polymer & Energy 2023, 1(1), 10006;
  • Mei Meng   Shuanjin Wang   Min Xiao   Yuezhong Meng   Check
     12 Apr 2023

    The acquisition of high-performance biodegradable plastics is of great significance in addressing the problem of environmental pollution of plastics. ...