NextGen Omics US 2025


22 April 2024

Media Partnership

between Synthetic Biology and Engineering and the NextGen Omics US 2025


Explore NextGen Omics US 2025: Delivering Therapeutic Innovation Through Multi-Omic Analysis

With technological advancements in NGS, single cell analysis and more, we have more data than ever to understand disease drivers – facilitating a transformative shift towards precision medicine. NextGen Omics US connects experts from across genomic, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics to fast-track the adoption of multi-omic techniques within drug discovery and clinical research. Encompassing our 10th Annual Next Generation Sequencing US Congress and 10th Annual Single Cell & Spatial Analysis US Congress, you'll be able to discuss the industry’s most pressing challenges – from data analysis and reproducibility through to sample management – and build partnerships with the right people for your research goals.