Emerging concepts and Novel Mechanisms in Organ Fibrosis Workshop

10 – 11 Oct 2024 | Málaga, Spain

11 April 2024

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between Fibrosis and Emerging concepts and Novel Mechanisms in Organ Fibrosis Workshop


The main goal of the workshop is to gather outstanding researchers studying fibrosis in different organs to discuss emerging concepts in the field as well as mechanisms of fibrogenesis and repair in order to better understand the development of fibrosis and to discover novel therapeutic approaches. 

We aim to: 1) understand fibroblast heterogeneity in tissue fibrosis and repair, 2) unravel novel mechanisms of fibrogenesis including aging, mechanotransduction and senescence, 3) study the influence of the microenvironment in the development of fibrosis and 4) develop strategies to promote regeneration and tissue repair in fibrotic organs.

Key sessions

  • Cell heterogeneity in fibrosis
  • Mechanisms of fibrogenesis: Aging, mechanotransduction, senescence.
  • Molecular niche in fibrosis: Developmental pathways, cell-cell communication, microenvironment.
  • Mechanisms of regeneration and repair
  • Novel models and technologies to study organfibrosis