4th Synthetic Biology of Natural Products Conference

  • 10-13 May 2024丨Mexico
  • 05 Mar 2024

Media Partnership

between Synthetic Biology and Engineering and the 4th Synthetic Biology of Natural Products Conference

Genome sequencing has revealed an enormous untapped biosynthetic capacity for natural products, only a small fraction of which have been characterized. Synthetic biology tools are being applied to translate this encoded diversity of biosynthetic pathways into their respective compounds; many of which are novel. The Synthetic Biology of Natural Products conference will integrate these disciplines with the goal of generating new platforms, tools, and technologies to capture, manipulate and engineer natural product genes and pathways. Converting this vast untapped genomic diversity into novel chemical leads for biomedical and agricultural applications will require breakthroughs in design, scale and biologics that currently limit the field.

Key Sessions:

  • (Meta)Genomics-Enabled Natural Product Discovery
  • Synthetic Biology to Access and Optimize Natural Products
  • Novel Chemistry and Enzymology of Natural Products and their Analogues
  • Scaling up Natural Products Development
  • Bringing Natural Products to the Market


  • Poster submission: 14 March 2024
  • Registration closes: 14 March 2024

See the website for full programme and registration details: https://bit.ly/3ImTajF