Characteristics Influencing the Potential for Diverse Uses of Photocatalytic Materials, Conventional or Newer

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 December 2024.

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Pierre  Pichat
Prof. Pierre Pichat 
Photocatalyse et Environnement, CNRS/Ecole Centrale de Lyon (STMS), 69134, Ecully CEDEX, France
Interests: Heterogeneous Photocatalysis; Catalysis; IR Spectroscopy; Zeolites; Photochemistry; Advanced Oxidation Processes; Environmental Chemistry

Topic Collection Information

The purpose of this thematic issue is to show, by bringing together useful and informative articles, the diversity of the factors influencing the capabilities of photocatalytic materials. Accordingly, we hope that the researchers in the field of photocatalysis will be interested in contributing to this thematic issue.

The characteristics of the photocatalytic materials can include the synthesis, the treatments, the chemical composition (optionaly comprising the combination of several materials, the support and deposition methods), the structure, the texture, the optical and electrical properties, the stability, the lack of toxicity, the potential cost, etc.

Assessing the potential of the photocatalytic materials will require tests that are as appropriate as possible for the expected use.

Each manuscript will be published immediately once accepted and proofread, with a clear mention of the thematic issue, without waiting for more articles to complete the issue. Therefore, there is no deadline for submitting.

Obviously, submissions of manuscripts on photocatalysis topics that are not included in this thematic issue will continue to be welcomed, as usual.


  • Deciphering photocatalyst efficacy parameters
  • Correlations photocatalyst characteristics - potential 
  • Adjusting photocatalyst characteristics - potential
  • Relevant laboratory or field tests of photocatalytic potential

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