Aims & Scope

Photocatalysis: Research and Potential is an open access and international journal covering both fundamental and application-oriented aspects of photocatalysis. The journal establishes a platform for multidisciplinary discussions to promote the understanding of materials science, chemical engineering and physical chemistry of photocatalysis, as well as the potential across the field of environment and energy.

Photocatalysis: Research and Potential publishes research articles and comprehensive reviews across the fields of photocatalysis including:

  • Design, synthesis and characterization of photocatalysts
  • Photocatalytic surfaces and interfaces research
  • Mechanistic studies of photocatalytic reactions
  • Design, implementation and modelinng of photocatalytic reactors
  • Photocatalytic water splitting and H2 generation
  • Photocatalytic CO2/N2 reductions
  • Photocatalysts and photocatalytic devices for purification of water and air
  • Coupling of photocatalysis with other processes
  • Use of solar irradiation in photocatalysis
  • Photocatalytic self-cleaning coatings and materials
  • Photocatalytic technologies for energy storage and transport
  • Photocatalytic steps in syntheses of chemicals
  • Innovative potential applications of photocatalysis
  • Field experiments of photocatalystic processes
  • Life-cycle assessment of photocatalytic materials and devices