Editorial Board

Editors-in-Chief (2)

Yuezhong  Meng Prof. Yuezhong Meng

1. Pearl-River Chair Professor, State Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Materials and Technologies, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou 510275, China; 

2. Principal Investigator, Chemistry Section, Henan Academy of Sciences, Zhengzhou 450000, China

Interests: Chemical Utilization of Carbon Dioxide; Advanced Energy Materials; Biodegradable Polymer; All-solid Secondary Batteries; Ion/Proton Exchange Membranes/Electrolytes
Jean   Duhamel Prof. Jean Duhamel
Institute for Polymer Research, Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology, Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, N2L 3G1, ON, Canada
Interests: Characterization of Macromolecules by Fluorescence; Colloidal Particles; Chain Folding Using Fluorescence; Smart Materials; Biomaterials and Polymers; Biochemistry and Biophysic; Bionanotechnolgy and Biosensors; Soft Matter; Devices and Analytical Methods; Smart and Functional Materials

Associate Editors (5)

Kenji  Miyatake Prof. Kenji Miyatake
Associate Editor
1. Clean Energy Research Center, University of Yamanashi, 4-4-37 Takeda, Yamanashi, Kofu, 400-8510, Japan; 2. Department of Applied Chemistry, Waseda University, Tokyo, 169-8555, Japan
Interests: Polymer Synthesis; Ion Conductive Polymers; Fuel Cells
Luyi  Sun Prof. Luyi Sun
Associate Editor
Polymer Program, Institute of Materials Science and Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut 06269, USA
Interests: Multi-functional Nanostructured Materials; Wearable Electronics and Soft Robotics; Polymeric Materials and New Polymer Processing Development; Green Science and Engineering; Layered Compounds
Yuning   Li Prof. Yuning Li
Associate Editor
Department of Chemical Engineering and Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN), University of Waterloo, 200 University Ave West, Waterloo, N2L 3G1, ON, Canada
Interests: Polymer Synthesis; Semiconducting and Conducting Polymers; Nanomaterials; Organic Solar Cells; Printed Electronics
Shuanjin   Wang Prof. Shuanjin Wang
Associate Editor
Guangdong Engineering and Technology Research Center for Biodegradable Materials, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou 510275, China
Interests: Biodegradable Polymer; Solid State Electrolyte; Proton Exchange Membranes
Min   Xiao Prof. Min Xiao
Associate Editor
The Key Laboratory of Low-carbon Chemistry & Energy Conservation of Guangdong Province/ School of Materials Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou 510275, China
Interests: Biodegradable Polymers; CO2 Based Polymers; Polymers for Secondary Batteries

Editorial Board Members (43)

Luc  Avérous Prof. Luc Avérous
BioTeam/ICPEES-ECPM, UMR CNRS 7515, Université de Strasbourg, 25 rue Becquerel, CEDEX 2, 67087 Strasbourg, France
Interests: Biobased Polymers; Biodegradable Polymers; Sustainable Polymers; Biopolymers; Green Chemistry
Uģis  Cābulis Dr. Uģis Cābulis
Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, 27 Dzerbenes St., LV-1006 Riga, Latvia
Interests: Polyurethane Chemistry and Technology; Polymers from Renewable Materials; Micro, Nano Fillers in Polymers; Thermal Insulation; Cryogenic Insulation; Energy Efficiency
Samuel  Chigome Dr. Samuel Chigome
Nanomaterials Division, Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation, Gaborone, Botswana
Interests: Electrospun Nanofiber Based Product Development
Tai-Shung  Chung Prof. Tai-Shung Chung
Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), Taiwan, China
Interests: Membrane Technology; Clean Water; Clean Energy; Osmotic Energy; CO­2 Capture
Xavier   Colom Prof. Xavier Colom
Department of Chemical Engineering, Universitat Politècnica de Cataluna—BarcelonaTECH, Colom 1, Barcelona, Terrassa, 08222, Spain
Interests: Elastomeric Materials; Waste GTR; FTIR; Thermal Properties
Maria Laura Di Lorenzo Prof. Maria Laura Di Lorenzo
CNR-IPCB, National Research Council—Institute of Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials, 80078 Pozzuoli, Italy
Interests: Biodegradable and Biobased Polymers; Poly(lactic acid); Semicrystalline Polymers; Polymer Crystallization and Melting; Polymer Blends; Crystallization Kinetics; Glass Transition; Thermal Analysis
Alberto    Figoli Dr. Alberto Figoli
Institute on Membrane Technology, National Research Council, ITM-CNR, 87036 Rende, Italy
Interests: Polymeric Membranes; Sustainable Membrane Preparation; Bio-polymeric Membranes; Flat Membranes; Hollow-fibers; Nano Fibers; Membrane Preparation
Jesús-María  García-Martínez Dr. Jesús-María García-Martínez
Polymer Engineering Group (GIP), Institute of Polymer Science and Technology (ICTP), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Madrid, Spain
Interests: Polymers and Environment; Heterogeneous Materials based on Polymers; Polyolefins; Interfacial Agents; Interphase; Interface; Functionalization; Plastic Wastes; Blends; Composites
Minna  Hakkarainen Prof. Minna Hakkarainen
Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Teknikringen 58, SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
Interests: Biobased Polymers; Biodegradable Polymers; Sustainable Polymers; Recycling; Vitrimers; Additive Manufacturing
Gunnar  Henriksson Prof. Gunnar Henriksson
Wallenberg Wood Science Center, School of Chemical Science and Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, 100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
Interests: Natural Product Chemistry; Lignin; Wood Biodegradations and Their Application; Biorefinery
Mustapha  Kaci Prof. Mustapha Kaci
Process Engineering Department, University of Bejaia, Bejaia 06000, Algeria
Interests: Biobased Polymer Materials; Polymer Recycling; Polymer Degradation; Wood Plastic Composites
Hanieh  Kargarzadeh Dr. Hanieh Kargarzadeh
Center of Molecular and Macromolecular Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, Sienkiewicza 112, 90-363 Lodz, Poland
Interests: Cellulose Nanomaterials; Polymer Blends and Composites; Nano-Biocomposites; Chemical Modification of Polysaccharides; Nano-Composites and Polymer Characterization
Beom  Soo  Kim Prof. Beom Soo Kim
Department of Chemical Engineering, Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, 28644, South Korea
Interests: Biodegradable Polymers; Nanoparticles; Polyhydroxyalkanoates; Bioplastics
Marek   Kozlowski Prof. Marek Kozlowski
Department of Environmental Engineering, Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw 50-370, Poland
Interests: Polymers; Polymer Composites; Polymer Blends; Bio-based Polymers; Functional Materials; Recycling; Biodegradation
Lubos  Kristak Prof. Lubos Kristak
Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology, Technical University in Zvolen, 96001 Zvolen, Slovakia
Interests: Wood Composites; Wood Physics; Wood Adhesives; Eco-Friendly Wood Composites
Lucian  Lucia Prof. Lucian Lucia
Department of Forest Biomaterials, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695, USA
Interests: Green Chemistry; Fiber and Polymer Science; Environmental Sciences; Materials Science; Renewable Polymers; Chemical Modification of Cellulosics for Biomedical Applications
Pralay   Maiti Prof. Pralay Maiti
School of Material Science and Technology, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221005, India
Interests: Polymer Nanocomposites; Biomaterials; Drug Delivery; Biodegradable Polymers; Energy Materials
José  A.  Méndez Prof. José A. Méndez
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Girona, Girona 17003, Spain
Interests: Biomaterials; Biodegradable Polymers; Natural Reinforced Composites; Cellulosic Reinforcements; Biocomposites; Degradation & Stability of Natural Polymeric Resources
Alice  Mija Prof. Alice Mija
University Côte d’Azur, Institute of Chemistry of Nice, Nice 06108, France
Interests: Sustainable Design of Monomers; Polymers and Composites to Generate Materials with Multifunctionality with Special Emphasis on Stimuli-responsive Liquid Crystalline Thermosets; Shape-memory Biobased Polymers; Recyclable, Repairable, and Reprocessable Biopolymer-based Material Systems and Structured Biomaterials
Manjusri   Misra Prof. Manjusri Misra
1. School of Engineering, University of Guelph, Guelph, N1G 2W1 ON, Canada; 2. Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre, Department of Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph, Guelph, N1G 2W1 ON, Canada
Interests: Sustainable Polymers; Bio-Based Polymers; Green Nanotechnology; Polymer Nanotechnology; Polymer Processing; Additive Manufacturing
Marta  E. G.  Mosquera Prof. Marta E. G. Mosquera
Department of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Research “Andrés M. del Río” (IQAR), Universidad de Alcalá, Campus Universitario, 28871 Madrid, Spain
Interests: Catalysis; Polymerization; Bioplastics; Biopolymers; Organometallic Chemistry; Crystallography
Sikiru   O. Ismail Dr. Sikiru O. Ismail
Department of Engineering, School of Physics, Engineering and Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL10 9AB, UK
Interests: Bio-composites; Sustainable Manufacturing; Biobased Polymer Materials; Structure-Property Relationship; Synthesis, Processing and Engineering
Peter  Olsén Dr. Peter Olsén
Wallenberg Wood Science Center, Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
Interests: Polymer Synthetic Methodology Development; Developing New Polymerization Concepts; Polymerization Catalysis; New Monomer Synthetic Pathways, and Green Chemical Modification Biopolymers
George Z.  Papageorgiou Prof. George Z. Papageorgiou
1. Department of Chemistry, University of Ioannina, Ioannina 45110, Greece; 2. Institute of Materials Science and Computing, University Research Center of Ioannina (URCI), Ioannina 45110, Greece
Interests: Sustainable Polymers; Biobased Materials and Chemicals; Thermal Processes; Thermal Analysis; Polymer Engineering; Biodegradation; Green Engineering; Bioresources and Biorefinery; Polymer Wastes; Recycling
Fabio  Roberto  Passador Prof. Fabio Roberto Passador
Polymer and Biopolymer Technology Laboratory (TecPBio), Department of Science and Technology, Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), São José dos Campos, Brazil
Interests: Rubber; Elastomers; Rheometry; Polymer Blends; Polymer Engineering; Polymer Processing
Srikanth  Pilla Prof. Srikanth Pilla
1. Department of Automotive Engineering, Clemson University, Greenville, SC, 29607, USA; 2. Clemson Composites Center, Clemson University, Greenville, SC, 29607, USA
Interests: Fundamentals and Applications of Sustainable and Lightweight Functional Materials and Manufacturing
Seeram  Ramakrishna Prof. Seeram Ramakrishna
Center for Nanotechnology and Sustainability, Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Design and Engineering, Singapore, Singapore
Interests: Circular Economy; Sustainability; Energy; Biomaterials; Nanofibers
Jean-Marie   Raquez Prof. Jean-Marie Raquez
Laboratory of Polymeric and Composite Materials, University of Mons (UMONS), Mons, 7000, Belgium
Interests: Natural, Reborn and Eco-friendly Polymers; Sustainable Polymer Materials & Related (Nano)composites; Macromolecular Engineering; Reactive Extrusion and Eco-friendly Processes; Adaptive Polymeric Materials & Additive Manufacturing
Pietro  Russo Dr. Pietro Russo
Institute for Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials (IPCB), National Research Council, Via Campi Flegrei, 34, 80078 Pozzuoli, Italy
Interests: Thermoplastic Composite Laminates; Thermoplastic Polyurethanes; Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites; Polymer Nanocomposites with Improved Functional Properties (Dielectric, Thermal and Fire Behavior)
Mohd  Sapuan Prof. Mohd Sapuan
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
Interests: Natural Fibre Composites; Biocomposites; Design for Sustainability; Materials Selection; Conceptual Design; Biobased Packaging
Valentina   Siracusa Prof. Valentina Siracusa
Department of Chemical Science, University of Catania, Viale A. Doria 6, 95125 Catania, Italy
Interests: Food Packaging; Biodegradable Polymers; Life Cycle Assessment Study; Biobased Polymers; Gas Barrier Permeability 
Shan  Tang Dr. Shan Tang
Frontiers Science Center for Transformative Molecules, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China
Interests: Olefin Copolymerization; Coordination Polymerization; Radical Polymerization; Polymer Degradation
Quim  Tarrés Prof. Quim Tarrés
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Girona, Girona, Spain
Interests: Biobased Polymers; Biocomposites; Nanocomposites; Biomaterials and Sustainable Materials
Gianluca   Tondi Prof. Gianluca Tondi
TESAF - Land Environmental Agriculture & Forestry Department, University of Padua, Viale dell’Università 16, 3520 Legnaro, Italy
Interests: Bio-resources; Bio-materials; Green Chemistry; Natural Polymers; Wood Composites
Aman   Ullah Prof. Aman Ullah
Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science, University of Alberta, Edmonton, T6G 2P5, AB, Canada
Interests: Synthesis of Biopolymers; Nano-engineered Biopolymers; Nano-biocomposites; Renewable Monomers; Biomaterials; Bioplastics
Chad  Ulven Prof. Chad Ulven
Department of Mechanical Engineering, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND 58102, USA
Interests: Polymer and Polymer Matrix Composite (PMC) Materials; PMC Processing Technologies; Response of PMCs to Dynamic Loading
Luigi  Vandi Dr. Luigi Vandi
School of Chemical Engineering, The University of Queensland, Brisbane Qld 4072, Australia
Interests: Biocomposites; Biopolymers; Polymers; Sustainable Materials; Polymer Processing
Cornelia   Vasile Prof. Cornelia Vasile
Physical Chemisytry of Polymers Department, “Petru Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry (PPIMC), Iasi 700487, Romania
Interests: Polymer Characterization; Smart Polymers; Food Packaging; Nanocomposites; Coatings; Polymer Waste Recycling and Recovery by Thermal Methods; Bioactive Polymer Materials; Controlled Drugs Delivery; Nanomaterials in Medical Applications
Fabiola  Vilaseca Prof. Fabiola Vilaseca
Advanced Biomaterials and Nanotechnology, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Girona, Maria Aurèlia Capmany 61, 17003 Girona, Spain
Interests: Nanocellulose; Composites; Biosensors; Microelectronics
Feng   Wu Dr. Feng Wu
Department of Chemical Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Interests: Sustainable Polymers; Bio-composites; Biodegradable Polymers; Biomass Conversion; Polymer Process and Engineering; Packaging
KeKe  Yang Prof. KeKe Yang
The Collaborative Innovation Center for Eco-Friendly and Fire-Safety Polymeric Materials (MoE), National Engineering Laboratory of Eco-Friendly Polymeric Materials (Sichuan), State Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering, College of Chemistry, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610064, China
Interests: Biobased and Biodegradable Polymer Materials; Shape Memory Polymers; Self-healing Polymers
Jinwen   Zhang Prof. Jinwen Zhang
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Composite Materials and Engineering Center, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164, USA
Interests: Synthesis, Processing and Application Development of Biobased Polymer Materials; Structure and Properties of Polymer Blends and Composites; Polymer Foaming and Fiber Spinning Technologies
Manuela  Zubitur Dr. Manuela Zubitur
Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Engineering Faculty, University of the Basque Country, Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain
Interests: Biopolymers and Nanocomposites; Thermal Properties of Semicrystalline Polymers