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A Novel High Step-up DC-DC Converter Using State Space Modelling Technique for Battery Storage Applications

Clean Energy and Sustainability. 2024, 2(1), 10003;
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Vignan’s Foundation for Science Technology and Research, Guntur 522213, India
Mobility Group, Eaton India Innovation Center LLP, Pune 411028, India
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Received: 28 Nov 2023    Accepted: 08 Jan 2024    Published: 29 Jan 2024   


This paper focuses a novel non-isolated coupled inductor based DC-DC converter with excessive VG (voltage gain) is analyzed with a state-space modeling technique. It builds up of using three diodes, three capacitors, an inductor and CI (coupled inductor). The main switch S is turn on due to body diode and voltage stress is reduced at the switch S by using diode D1 and Capacitor C1. This paper focuses on design modelling, mathematical calculations and operation principle of DC-DC converter is discussed with state-space modelling technique. The performance has been presented for two different voltages for EV applications i.e., 12 V, 48 V as input voltages with an high step-up outputs of 66 V and 831.7 V respectively. The converter stability is studied and determined the bode plot along with simulation performance results which are carried out using MATLAB R2022B.
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