2025 Best Paper Award Call for Nominations

24 June 2024

The Best Paper Award will be selected annually from papers published in the journal Synthetic Biology and Engineering in the previous year. The aim of the award is to recognize outstanding contributions by researchers and research teams to the journal.


The prize comprises an award of US$500, a certificate, and an announcement in the journal.


All papers published in Synthetic Biology and Engineering between 2023–2024 will be considered for the 2025 Best Paper Award.


1. Quality and scientific significance and impact in the field of synthetic biology and engineering
2. The number of citation of the paper since publication

Selection Process

Nominations are screened and reduced to a short list by Editors-in-Chief and submitted to the Evaluation Committee for final recommendation.


Nomination completed: March 15, 2025
Selection completed: April 15, 2025
Winner notified: April 30, 2025

Contact the editorial office (sbe@sciepublish.org) should you wish to publish your latest research or review papers for the editorial.