Foreword to Resumption

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Foreword to Resumption

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Shanghai Society of Anthropology, Shanghai, China
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Nature Anthropology 2023, 1 (1), 10001;

Received: 18 April 2023 Accepted: 18 April 2023 Published: 18 April 2023

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Anthropology is a discipline of humanity, including both nature researches and culture researches mainly on the origin, diversification, and admixture of human race. Here we are launching a new journal titled *Nature Anthropology* to publish papers from all aspects of anthropological studies based on natural science, especially interdisciplinary studies. The history of anthropology can be divided into classical anthropology era (1501-), modern anthropology era (1890-), and contemporary anthropology era (2000-). Ever since the beginning of anthropological studies in China in 1920s, researches from Fudan University etc. attempted to integrate studies of nature anthropology and culture anthropology by setting up multidisciplinary societies and launching journals. In 1981, Shanghai Society of Anthropology was resumed at Division of Anthropology, Fudan University. In 1986, the society office moved to Shanghai Natural History Museum and the president of the second term launched a journal titled *Nature and Man* (Figure 1).
Figure 1. Cover of journal titled *Nature and Man*.
In 1999, the office was moved back to Fudan by professor Li Jin, along with the opening of the contemporary era of anthropology marked by the omics studies and discipline integration. However, there has not been a corresponding journal for this new era of anthropology. In order to communicate with the world researchers and enhance the discipline, we decide the resumption to launch this English journal titled *Nature Anthropology*. We wish this journal will provide a best forum for the researchers of anthropological sciences.