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A Framework for Human-Centered AI: Bridging the Economics of the Digital Divide and Solving the Problem of Demographic Implosion

Nature Anthropology. 2024, 2(2), 10003;
Yoshija Walter 1,2,3 *   
Institute for Management and Digitalization, Department for Business, Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland
Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroscience, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Fribourg, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland
Institute for Philosophy, Philosophical-Historical Faculty, University of Bern, 3001 Bern, Switzerland
Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed.

Received: 18 Feb 2024    Accepted: 19 Feb 2024    Published: 21 Feb 2024   


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